Welcome to my 'Dream' Site!

Ever wake up and ask yourself "What was that all about!?"
Do dreams really mean anything or are they just a short recluse
from the plain, hurrying world that is life? Many people try to
explain the phenomenon of dreaming,
but no one can really know why we dream.

I like to think that dreams are an escape from reality where it helps
melt the troubles of every day life. Why go to the movies and pay
$10 for an hour of entertainment when I can just close my eyes and
get 8 hours of entertainment... for free!

Here you will find a growing collection of Short Stories or "Shorty's".
Each story originated from a dream, and interestingly enough,
most of them wind up being a scary story! If you find a story
of interest, please feel free to contact me and let me know.
If you are interested in using a story in a publication,
I would be happy to discuss arrangements with you.

I've also added Mini Stories, or "Mini's". These dreams are presented "as is"
what you read is how the dream played out without modifying it in any way. This gives
the reader a feeling of "being there". Each month I will try to add one or two
new Mini's to keep you occupied until the new Short Story arrives the next month.

So check back often to see if a new "Mini" or "Shorty" is added,

and as always... ENJOY!

    Send me any inquiries or questions.

Here you will find the current Shorty of the month. Look back each month for a new Short Story to appear!

June 2011
Inside Out
File Size: 489 kb
File Type: pdf
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May 2011

Ladies of Queensville
File Size: 345 kb
File Type: pdf
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Here you will find the Mini collection. Check back each week because you never know when a new one will appear!
IT and Don't Talk to Strangers
File Size: 509 kb
File Type: pdf
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File Size: 285 kb
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